Odyssey for One

Odyssey for One’ is an interactive embodied experience that gamify the story of Odysseus. In this interactive experience, participants as Odysseus have two tasks to complete to find their way back home, Ithaca. These tasks are based on physical movement and inner movement as calming down at all times. The first one is measured via a motion sensor whereas the latter is measured with EDA (electrodermal activity sensor) which measures biological excitement levels. When they fail to perform the tasks, they either stop on the way or fall back in the story and try again. To make participants’ bodily data available for the interactive experience, sensors and LED lights are embedded into the costumes. As a response to the kinesthetic and biological data collected via costumes audio and visual feedback is provided. For the movement tasks, they receive audio feedback as part of the story, and for the biological data, they receive visual feedback in form of light. Light feedback, which indicates the excitement levels, is given by the costume and via the light installation on the stage.


Dila Demir
Mihkel Kohava

Science + Technology + Arts Residency



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