Bringing Interaction Design to the Fore is a series of seminar talks and presentations from researchers and practitioners who have visited IDLAB within the past few years. Special thanks for making the seminars possible goes to HITSA Tiger University Programme.

Marc Hassenzahl: Experience and Interaction – Designing Meaningful Moments

Gilbert Cockton: Balanced Integration of Design Paradigms for Generous Interaction

Nigel Bevan: Using International Standards as the Basis for Selecting UCD Methods, Assessing Usability Maturity and Establishing Good Practices

Aga Szóstek: Designing Interactions

Aga Szóstek: Social Ways of Managing Availability in Mediated Communication

Virpi Roto – User Experience: Why, What, How?

Virpi Roto: User Experience Research and Practice – Two Different Planets?

Aga Bojko – Using Eyetracking to Mesure and Improve the User Experience

Aga Bojko – NeuroUX: Smoke and Mirrors or the Future of UX Research?

Francesca Constabile: Usability Engineering in Software Development

Chris Lock- Designing for UX- Performance and Persuasion Perspectives

Chris Lock – Persuasion, Emotion and Trust in Online Banking

Jelena Jovanovic – Advancing Organisational Learning, Knowledge Sharing and Goal Management

Jelena Jovanovic: Advancing Education through a Synergy of Semantic Web Technologies

Pedro Custodio – Designig Future Services