During the STARTS@TLU residency at Tallinn University in Spring 2019, we explored the possibilities of implicit interactions in the performing art context using the spectator’s emotional arousal signal captured by measuring their electrodermal activity. We used EDA sensors by BiTalino, customized R-IoT microcontroller board, and MAX/MSP for programming the custom software. The final showing took place in Kanuti Gildi SAAL where four audience members physiological signals were used to modulate the volume of dance performance soundtrack. 4 EDA sensors are placed to 4 members of the audience and the control signal what is used to control the volume of the sound is swapped between the audience members during the showing.


Taavet Jansen
Aleksander Väljamäe
William Primett
Liis Vares
Liisbeth Horn
Henri Hütt
Aleksander Mirson

Science + Technology + Arts Residency



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