The HCI Group facilities offer three lab spaces to design and develop innovative projects. All of our students and team members have access to work there on a daily basis. We operate and manage a Hardware Lab, UX Evaluation Lab, and Interaction Design Lab.

Robotics Lab

The lab provides working and study space for teachers, students, organizations, and individuals interested in developing prototype solutions in the IoT and automatization fields.

Equipment: Electrodermal activity (EDA), electromyography (EMG), electroencephalography (EEG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors, magneto-and accelerometers, microphones, light sensors, hand tools, and other regularly updated hardware equipment. 

UX Lab

The lab is focused on using physiological computing to evaluate user experience. It is used for teaching and learning purposes and for industry collaboration projects.

Equipment: Tobii Glasses 2 Pro mobile eye tracker; Mirametrix on-screen eye tracker; iMotions full software package (data collection and analysis).

Interaction design Lab

The Interaction Design Lab (IDLAB) supports the conceptualization and early prototyping stages of the design process. It offers access to the resources and expertise necessary for conceiving interactive applications and services and elaborating these ideas as sketches, storyboards, paper prototypes, and wireframes. The IDLAB can support students working on their ongoing studies projects or thesis-related topics, teams engaged in current research projects, and industry partners wanting to explore specific design-related challenges.

Equipment: modular space with whiteboards, flipcharts, stationery items, computers and devices, and reference materials.