Interaction design project

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The HCI curriculum organise an Interaction design project, which include four HCI Master program courses: Interaction Design Methods, Developing Interactive Systems, User Experience Evaluation, and Practice. Interaction design project is articulated around project-based team work. Main goal of Interaction design project is to enable students to go from design concepts to code-based prototypes that will be thoroughly evaluated with beneficiaries. 

The purpose of the project is to support the development of generic competencies and teamwork skills through solving an interdisciplinary problem in a team.

The course provides opportunities for implementing and developing the previously acquired knowledge and skills (in the framework of more theoretical courses) in practical settings.


In order to provide common branding style for produced outcomes during the Interaction design project, the HCI group created following materials:

Study program

IFI7342.DT Interaction Design Project

Students will be able to:

  • Correctly use the basic concepts of interdisciplinary approach and project management in the collaboratively created project plan;
  • Use the skills of identifying and solving problems and time management while launching and implementing projects;
  •  Use the newly acquired discipline-specific knowledge in the project to bring out its potential for cross-disciplinary implementation;
  • Effectively participate in teamwork during the phases of planning, implementing and defending the project;
IFI7313.DT Interaction Design Methods

Students will know:

  • the fundamentals of human-centered interaction design process;
  • how to choose and adjust interaction design methods for the specific design challenge;
  • how to use human-centered design and research methods for understanding the context, framing the problem and exploring possible solutions;
  • how to create low- and high-fidelity prototypes, according to usability principles and design patterns.
IFI7340.DT Development of Interactive Systems

After successfully completing the course students will know:

  • the basics of different technologies used for developing interactive systems (e.g HTML, Javascript, Android, Arduino, physiological computing);
  •  how to choose a suitable platform for developing interactive systems;
  •  how to develop functional prototypes;
  • how to work in teams and distribute functionality to be developed among team members;
IFI7341.DT User Experience Evaluation

Upon successful completion of this course student will know:

  • main UX evaluation methods and are able to select them;
  • how to apply selected UX evaluation tools;
  • how to interpret and analyse the results of UX evaluation.

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