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Team: David Lamas, Sonia Sousa, Ilya Shmorgun, Sebastian Fiedler, Terje Väljataga, Hans Põldoja

LEARNMIX was an applied research project about the re-conceptualization of the e-Textbook that was conducted by the HCI group between 2013 and 2015 in collaboration with the software development company NetGroup. It saw the future e-Textbook as aggregations of both professionally developed and user-contributed content accessible through a wide range of devices.
The general goal of the LEARNMIX project was twofold. On one hand, the goal was to advance interaction design and evaluation approaches by tackling the challenges of designing for ubiquitous computing interaction through the understanding of how humans interact with and through ecologies of artefacts when pursuing their activities.
And, on the other hand, the goal was to forge ahead on the design of learner-centred technology-enhanced learning experiences by moving away from replicating traditional classroom-based teaching practices and knowledge transmission model.

The outcomes of the project were:

  • An updated frame of reference to analyse ubiquitous interactions
  • The e-Textbook re-conceptualized as an aggregation of both professionally developed and user-contributed content accessible through one’s range of artefacts
  • A business model for the publishing and distribution of professionally developed content
  • A set of pedagogical scenarios for the use of the re-conceptualized e-textbook
  • Guidelines for professional e-Textbook content development
  • The technological infrastructure enabling the foreseen e-Textbook (developed by NetGroup)