Smart Museum

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The project goal is to develop a smart museum social-technical infrastructure to enable and mediate extensive interactions with cultural heritage. Such an infrastructure facilitates innovative and widespread uses of cultural heritage physically and digitally available (currently available in MUIS, EFIS, and Europeana). By mediating extensive interactions with cultural heritage among exhibition curators, intellectuals, visitors, the project enables individual contributions and modifications to the digital representation of the exhibits.


1. Specifications;
2. Scenarios, sketches and storyboards;
3. Tangible and functional prototypes;
4. Descriptions of testing procedures;


Sonia Sousa and Ilja Šmorgun, Mati Mõttus


Ethnographic studies (technology, architecture);
Describing scenarios, producing sketches, storyboards, and mockups;
Creating a range of technical and architectural prototypes;
• Proposing a testing methodology;
• Testing previously created prototypes.


2017 - 2018


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