USA Project: TrustedID  AFOSR Trust & influence Program

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The main goal of the TrustedID project is investigate cross-cultural differences in users’ trust and, based on it,  propose a framework to assist practitioners in the development of trustworthy systems. The first aim (1) is to explore through the lens of the Human-Computer Trust scale (Gulati et al., 2019) potential Trust bias in technology across gender, generations, and culturally diverse countries like Mozambique, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Portugal, Brazil, Estonia, Cape Verde. The second aim (2) is to demonstrate the impact of those countermeasures on supporting the trust dynamic.


• New insights on assisting designers, developers, technologists in modeling Trust in technology across gender and culture.
• A set of personas archetypes, scenarios of use, and journey map illustrating potential Trust bias in technology across-culture.
• A set of novel interaction techniques that explores user’s trust behaviors in interaction design.
• A methodological framework on how to design trustworthy interactions.


Sonia Sousa, David Lamas, Gabriela Beltrão, Iuliia Paramonova


Obj. 1: Investigate cross-cultural differences in users’ trust, and to
Obj. 2: Propose a framework to assist practitioners in the development of trustworthy systems
Obj. 3: Design a set of countermeasures that support trust in HCI


09/2021 - 2024


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