Wearable Confidence

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About residency

In the end of November 2020 we kickstarted another STARTS.EE residency on the topic Wearable Haptics. During this residency Kristi Kuusk and Yulia Zhiglova explored how to create a haptic piece of clothing that allows the wearer to feel more confident in everyday settings. We know that heels, corset or business suit influence our self perception and boosts confidence level. However, how to achieve that through implicit sensations applied to the body?

Yulia Zhiglova

Ph.D. student of the Human-Computer Interaction group at the School of Digital Technologies, Tallinn University. In her research, she investigates how vibrotactile displays, embedded in wearable forms, may enable implicit behavior and self-perception change. 

Kristi Kuus

Associate professor and senior researcher of Design Research Group in Estonian Academy of Arts. Her interest is in finding alternative futures for clothing and textile design via implementation of technology. She combines practice (of collaborating as selected laureate in EU projects such as STARTS Residencies, WORTH Partnership Project) with presenting and publishing research in international venues.

During the residency