Tallinn University Interaction Design Lab offers practice and internship positions for the LearnMix project under the Ubiquitous Interactions research initiative.

The purpose of LearnMix is to re-conceptualize the e-Textbook as aggregations of both professionally authored and user-contributed content accessible through a wide range of artifacts by tackling the challenges of designing for ubiquitous computing interaction through the understanding of how humans interact with and through ecologies of artifacts when pursue their activities; and by advancing technology-enhanced learning experiences, moving away from the replication of traditional practices and models; thus targeting the “user interfaces” and the “research on the implementation of ICT in education” themes of this application round and being explicitly compliant with one of the sub-measure objectives “supporting the development of R&D of ICT”.

The LEARNMIX project is focusing on ubiquitous interaction design and ICT implementation in schools (on primary, secondary and gymnasium level) from the perspective of technology as mediators facilitating the active engagement of participants in knowledge building process. The project is not emphasizing or deploying a single extensive technological solution, but rather explores potentials for the use of pervasive information technology usage.

Additional information about LearnMix can be found at http://learnmix.tlu.ee/WP/en

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