As part of the IDLAB inventory update project, supported by the Tiger University Program of the Information Technology Foundation for Education, Tallinn University’s Interaction Design Lab acquired several hardware and software resources to provide bachelor, master, doctoral students and researchers with the possibility to:

  • further explore quantitative ways of user experience evaluation;
  • carry out creative and technology assisted interaction-design sessions; and
  • create solutions based on radio-frequency beacons for conducting research related to ubiquitous and pervasive computing.

The inventory update gives a possibility for exploring quantitative ways of conducting user experience evaluation and conducting replicable user experience studies, as well as creating solutions based on microcontrollers, near-field communications and spatial user interfaces.

Among the resources acquired in the project are:

  • Three laptops for conducting UX evaluation studies;
  • Set of iBeacons from Estimote;
  • Raspberry Pi starter kit and accessories;
  • GoPro camera for recording purposes;
  • Networked hard drive; and
  • Berg Little Printer for participatory design sessions.

All of these hardware and software items facilitate better use and organization of the lab’s resources and activities, enable the exploration of new types of interactions and interfaces, as well as conducting complex user experience evaluation studies.


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