As part of the Interaction Design Lab Update project, supported by the Tiger University Program of the Information Technology Foundation for Education, Tallinn University’s Interaction Design Lab acquired several hardware and software resources to provide bachelor, master, and doctoral students with the possibility of:

  • Exploring different mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows 8, and prototyping cross-platform applications and services;

  • Exploring multi-touch tabletop computers and large digital signage displays;

  • Conducting usability studies.

The inventory update created a possibility of addressing the topics of ubiquitous computing and experimental interaction design targeting the design of services and applications for different platforms as well as multi-touch screens of various sizes, such as tabletops and large digital signage screens.

Among the resources acquired in this project are:

  • A 40” multi-touch screen;

  • Sony Vaio Tap 20 multi-touch tabletop computer;

  • Nexus 7 and 10 tablets;

  • Microsoft Surface RT;

  • Apple iPad Minis and a 4th generation iPad;

  • 5th generation iPod Touches;

  • Silverback usability testing software.

All of these resources are meant to enable the exploration, design, and development of experimental interaction design and ubiquitous computing concepts and prototypes by doctoral, master, and bachelor level students at Tallinn University’s Institute of Informatics, thus strengthening the innovation potential of our students in a very competitive area.

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