As part of the User Experience Evaluation project, supported by the Tiger University Program of the Information Technology Foundation for Education, Tallinn University’s Interaction Design Lab acquired several hardware and software resources to provide bachelor, master, and doctoral students with the possibility of:

  • Exploring quantitative ways of user experience evaluation;

  • Conducting replicable user experience studies; and

  • Creating solutions based on microcontrollers, near-field communications, and spatial user interfaces for conducting research related to ubiquitous and pervasive computing.

The inventory update gives a possibility for exploring quantitative ways of conducting user experience evaluation and conducting replicable user experience studies, as well as creating solutions based on microcontrollers, near-field communications and spatial user interfaces.

Among the resources acquired in the project are:

  • Phidgets IR Distance Adapters, which are a complement to the already available Phidgets toolkit;

  • A PrimeSense Carmine motion sensor, which enables conducting usability studies used in the research of spatial user interfaces;

  • A Leap Motion USB Natural UI controller, which enables research and development of gesture-based user interfaces as part of the Natural User Interface concept;

  • Emotiv Research kit, which is designed for the detection of expressive, affective and cognitive reactions;

  • 2 sets of NeuLog sensors, which enable the collection of Galvanic Skin Response, Electrocardiogram, Heart Rate, and Pulse data;

  • NFC Hacker Starter Kit, which is required to explore the possibilities of the emerging near-field communications and can be used in tangible computing research projects;

  • Morae license for facilitating user experience evaluation by recording and analyzing a wide range of user interactions.

All of these hardware and software items facilitate better use and organization of the lab’s resources and activities, enable the exploration of new types of interactions and interfaces, as well as conducting complex user experience evaluation studies.

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