Master Studies

MA in Human-Computer Interaction

The Human-Computer Interaction program is a multidisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes technology for the benefit of people. Our curriculum brings together computing, interaction design, and cognitive psychology that enables you to shape the world through what you design.

Our two-year Master’s program (120 ECTS) is entirely taught in English. The  Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) program offers a research-based approach to designing interactive, software, and technical systems.


MA in Interaction Design

Joint with the Cyprus University of Technology, this program is taught in English and is 100% online. Our curriculum prepares graduates with marketable skills in design, technology, and theory related to the domain of Interaction Design and Human-Computer Interaction.

In this two-year Master’s program (120 ECTS), students will benefit from a strong research group with extensive experience in the fields of Human-computer Interaction, Online and Technology Enhanced Learning, and Interaction Design.


Examples of master student final works

Concept of the Adaptive learning system for online education using implicit signal

Author: Noor-E-Hafsa Zhumur

The MsC thesis about using facial expressions to control the flow of the learning process was defended in spring 2020. The author proposed live detection of frustration vs boredom from face expressions. Detected state of mind was then used during a math test to control the intensity of assigned calculations. The author developed the biofeedback system (math test game) with the laptop’s native webcam and proved the concept experimentally with 20 participants.

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Emotion Detection When Using Digital Media: A Study of Usability Evaluation Supported by Measuring Facial Expressions

Author: Liis Prits

The MsC thesis investigated the differences between usability testing with a prototype and with a ready-made product with the aim to study how are the users affected by interacting with a lower-fidelity system. In order to analyze the differences and to investigate if the users are really reporting what they are feeling, this study utilized the measurement of facial expressions in addition to traditional usability testing methods.

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Videos about our Master Programs

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