Cinema and Industry Alliance for Knowledge and Learning
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The CIAKL projects focus on the relation between education and innovation between different European film schools and companies. The main objective of the project is the transfer of innovative skills and knowledge between training organisations working in the area of film and media teaching and companies in the film, ICT, and media industry, via the development of new curricula, courses, and teaching materials amongst consortium members.


The goal of CIAKL is to promote linkages and cooperation between Education Institutions in different areas of knowledge and learning technologies‐oriented companies to support the uptake and exchange of knowledge between both Higher Education Institutions and businesses.

The project is composed of 10 partner institutions in 6 countries and is developed along three axes:

Mobility, by promoting networking, staff and trainers’ mobility, and joint infrastructure.

Collaboration, by the creation of shared knowledge spaces between academia and business companies;

Learning technologies, by promoting the joint development of curricula and materials supported on learning technologies;


Andrus Rinde and Sónia Cláudia Da Costa Sousa


Objective and measurable increase of the integration of academic and professional skills produced and empowered by a platform of innovative collaboration in the realm of film, media and arts training in Europe;

An increase in teachers, staff and students mobility between consortium organizations;

The production and dissemination of teaching materials on entrepreneurship and innovation between consortium members;

The provision of b‐learning based training;

And the design of dedicated curricula and content.


01/2012 - 05/2013


€13 148