Digital Livonia

For a Digitally Enhanced Study of Medieval Livonia (c. 1200-1550)


This research project will create the field of digital medieval studies in Estonia. The project aims to build a new analytical approach that integrates traditional methods of studying medieval history with research methods and tools in digital humanities in order to build major prosopographic and other databases, prepare new online collections of sources, and produce innovative scholarship on the intellectual, spatial, social and economic history of medieval Livonia (c. 1200-1550).

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An open web platform, Digital Livonia, will be built as one of the outcomes of the project.

A wide cooperation is planned with all the major memory institutions in Estonia and abroad who possess the relevant digitized source materials about medieval Livonia. The metadata of existing digital collections will be checked, complemented and harmonized.

Our second main aim is to create a digital collection of medieval Livonian source publications. Based on a bibliography of all relevant publications, a systematic digitization will be carried out in cooperation with the TLU Academic Library. The digitized texts will be fully searchable and linked to the digitized original versions, if available.


Project Leader – Prof. Marek Tamm
Project Assistant – Sirli Taniloo


  1. build at least ten new databases;
  2. produce new scholarship on the history of medieval Livonia by using digitally enhanced research methods;
  3. prepare new digital online collections of medieval Livonian sources;
  4. facilitate PhD studies in (digital) medieval studies.


2021 - 2025


2021: € 237 875

Digital Livonia web portal prototype

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