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STARTS@TLU is a research program for science, technology, art, and society partnerships. It aims for new approaches to design and development through research in the wild. The project focuses on R&D, where boundaries between art and engineering are removed, and creativity becomes a crucial factor.

Our STARTS@TLU program happens in an environment surrounded by multidisciplinary exchange, where hackers and makers, designers and artists, ethicists and ICT specialists, mathematicians and bioengineers collaborate on a regular basis. We focus on stronger ties between the creative approaches (arts, design, making) on the one hand and the engineering approaches (sciences and technology) on the other.


The program intends to find a balance between arts, science, and technology, in which the rapprochement of these domains becomes more social, humane, responsible, and innovative. STARTS@TLU incorporates several artist residencies and collaborative projects that try to find a new language for these domains through the exchange of knowledge and practical work, bridging the gap between technological innovation and society. 

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07/2018 - 07/2021


€ 75 000