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STARTS@TLU is a research programme for science, technology, art and society partnerships. It aims for new approaches to design and development through research in the wild.
STARTS@TLU initiative focuses on the emerging field of R&D where boundaries between art and engineering are removed and creativity becomes a crucial factor. The initiative is a research programme for art, science, technology and society partnerships following the existing successful examples like Waag Society in Netherlands or IRCAM in France.
Our STARTS@TLU programme has strong links to an environment where already much multidisciplinary exchange happens: hackers and makers, designers and artists and ethicists, ICT specialists, learning technologists, mathematicians and bioengineers are collaborating on a regular basis. We, however, will focus on stronger ties between the creative approaches (arts, design, making) on the one hand and the engineering/science approaches (sciences and technology) on the other. The arts will lose some of its autonomy (art-for-art-sake paradigm change) and science and technology will lose some of its methodological rigor, but by this rapprochement of complementary domains both will become more societal, more social, more humane, more responsible, and more innovative, bridging the gap between technological innovation and society. STARTS@TLU incorporates a number of artist residencies and collaboration projects that try to find new means, new exchanges and a new language for science, technology and arts collaborations that lead to change that is not found in silo’s but in the complementary working between them.